The Book

The Book

Finding Your Voice: A Voice Doctor’s Holistic Guide for Voice Users, Teachers, and Therapists

By Brian W. Hands, MD FRCS(C)
$30.00 CAD, ISBN: 978-1-926645-06-3
Paperback, 148 pagesFinding Your Voice

Praise for Finding Your Voice:

Finding Your Voice is splendid — so well written and a great read. I have read a lot of books on singing in my time and this book is concise, to the point, friendly, and really helpful. I think every singer out there should have a copy and I intend to tell any singers I meet to get one ASAP.”

Colm Wilkinson, original Valjean in Les Miserables and renowned actor, singer, and recording artist

“The author’s in-depth knowledge, gleaned from his years of experience, shines through … an important work from a respected voice in the medical profession.”

Janine Pearson, Head of Voice and Coaching, Stratford Shakespeare Festival

Book description:

Finding Your Voice addresses the wear, tear, and care of the voice in a simple yet scientifically grounded way – a way that will help you strengthen and protect your voice. This concise yet comprehensive book includes:

  • easy-to-understand chapters on voice production 101 and energy 101
  • a description of what happens during a visit to the voice doctor
  • a chapter on the origins of the most common type of vocal strain
  • tips on proper breath support, hydration, and vocal exercises.

Finding Your Voice blends the author’s understanding of Western medicine and Eastern energy systems. With this book in hand, you can avoid misusing or abusing your voice – or make your way back to vocal health if you do.

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