The Vox Cura Quiz: Do You Need Help?

The Vox Cura Quiz: Do You Need Help?

How does a person know they need vocal help? Take the QUIZ! Identifying the signs and symptoms of a disordered voice is the first step.

The following QUIZ may help you narrow down an answer.

1. Is your voice essential to your work?
2. Do you experience pitch breaks or vocal fatigue?
3. Have you partially or completely lost your voice in recent months?
4. Does your voice become hoarse after a day at work or play?
5. Do you have indigestion or heart burn frequently?
6. Do you have pain in your throat or experience difficulty swallowing?
7. Are you overusing or abusive to your voice?
8. Do you sing, act, or speak professionally and wish to improve your phonatory range?
9. Do you experience daily stress causing tension in the neck or throat?
10. Do you cough or clear your throat excessively?

If you have answered “Yes” to even one question from the QUIZ, VOX CURA can help you.

The voice reflects individual identity, personality, and life stage. Therefore, an understanding of the voice, as well as those factors that may disturb it is necessary for all professionals involved in the care of the voice and for all professional voice users.

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