Clinical Activities at Vox Cura

Clinical Activities at Vox Cura

The clinical focus of activity at VOX CURA encompasses all disorders of the larynx (voice box) and voice. Recent trends have clearly demonstrated that this area of medicine must be highly specialized, because: 1) many patients require a multidisciplinary approach to the solution to their problem; 2) expensive diagnostic instrumentation is necessary; and 3) as a group, non-specialized otolaryngologists generally are not well-trained in the area of voice disorders.

In terms of the problems that cause patients to seek medical attention at VOX CURA, there are four common groups of voice problems:

1.  Inflammatory Disorders

The most common cause of inflammation is “reflux,” the hidden backflow of stomach acid into the throat.

2.  Vocal Misuse and Overuse Syndromes

Details defining improper vocal use, overuse and sometimes voice abuse can cause chronic and progressive voice problems. Often surgery can be avoided with dedicated voice therapy. (People with vocal nodules or “nodes” and vocal muscle tension fall into this group)

3.  Benign and Malignant Vocal Cord Growths

These include vocal cord polyps, cysts, and cancers. Treatment today is highly specialized and successful as long as the underlying cause(s) is corrected.

4.  Neuromuscular Disorders

This group includes people with vocal cord weakness and paralysis, spasmodic dysphonia, vocal tremor, and voice changes due to aging. While it is often more difficult to diagnose these conditions properly, most patients can be helped by medical or therapeutic treatment.