Voice Care Essentials: A Healthy Environment

I have already covered what I call the Post-Performance Syndrome (the vocal problems that “mysteriously” surface when singers drink, smoke, and shout at late-night post-performance parties). But even if you don’t live such a glamorous lifestyle you might find that

Voice Care Essentials: A Healthy Lifestyle

If you are to keep your voice in the best possible condition a good rule of thumb is to take care not to demand more of your voice than you would the rest of your body. When you’ve been doing

The Post-Performance Syndrome of Voice Users

If I have seen this once, I have seen it a thousand times. A singer comes to me with vocal problems — sometimes severe ones — a day or so after a performance. They are confused — it just doesn’t

Prevent Damage to Your Voice: Change the Way You Think

I think the greatest need of anyone who suffers with voice damage is to change the way they think about their voice. A voice user is essentially a vocal athlete. Let me explore this analogy for a moment. This year’s