Prevent Damage to Your Voice: Change the Way You Think

Singer / Vocal AthleteI think the greatest need of anyone who suffers with voice damage is to change the way they think about their voice.

A voice user is essentially a vocal athlete. Let me explore this analogy for a moment.

This year’s Vancouver Winter Olympic Games were a wonderful sporting spectacle, with the USA, Germany, and Canada claiming most of the medals. But nobody thinks for a second that those medalists earned a place on the podium just by showing up on the day. What did they do to prepare?


  • trained regularly
  • watched what they ate and drank
  • stretched before and after competing
  • got enough sleep
  • learned about the limitations of their own bodies
  • All these factors and more meant that the bodies of these medal-winning athletes held out even when pushed to their limits.

Whether you are a singer, a teacher, a lawyer, or simply a parent with lively kids, you must understand that you are a vocal athlete.

As a vocal athlete, you can’t just expect your voice to “turn up on the day.” You need to prepare and maintain your voice correctly so that it is able to hold out when pushed beyond its normal capabilities.

In my next few blog posts I will be unpacking this idea some more, and will be exploring the why and how of good voice care. I’ll be providing you with some key voice care tips that will help you keep your voice as healthy as possible.

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